Get Your Freebies With Twitter Likes

If you’re a freebies hunter, do you know that you can stand a chance to win many prizes on twitter through twitter likes? There are many companies that advertise their products, especially new ones, on their twitter accounts. And they often give these products for free for those who are quick to grab them.

Campaigns where the company asks their followers to retweet or like a tweet in order to win something is very common and popular, especially among freebie and/or bargain hunter. Whether you have to retweet a tweet or get as many twitter likes as possible on that retweet, there are many things you can get through these twitter functions.

Why you shouldn’t get Demoralized for not attracting many Twitter Likes or followers

Study shows that more people quit twitter everyday than Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it is because most of them don’t live the “Get popular” overnight dream their friends promised them. This is because it is harder to get popular and attract many twitter likes or followers on twitter than in other social networks, but that shouldn’t be a reason to demoralize or make you leave this wonderful social network.

Instead, begin by identifying the mistakes that probably made you not attract many twitter likes or followers in the first place. Ensure your twitter handle is easy to remember for most people. Work on your bio section and maybe login to twitter and tweet often albeit with quality posts. And in the simple steps, you could soon start to see more people follow you in just a number of weeks. Be consistent though and do some bit of marketing so that your Facebook friends, your instagram followers and school colleagues can identify you and follow you.

How Social Media Famous People maintain close relationships with their followers

It is a common trend on many social networks that only close friends and people with few followers know how to appreciate their friends and followers. However, once people start hitting thousands of likes on their posts, they forget to send shout outs or to say thank you to their free followers. Be different though, and do things that will help maintain a great reputation with your social media community.

To start with, be proactive and posting high quality and accurate content. It is difficult to maintain a huge following on twitter or Instagram unless you consistently provide highly educative and inspiring content all the time. On the other hand, be prompt at answering to replies and questions. When someone annoys you on the platform, reply back to them respectfully. Finally, be active on your social networks. Research a lot of informative content when free, because most people will want to hear more from you if you can entertain and inspire them often, which is definitely what translates to more likes, retweets and  many free followers over time.

Free Likes are easier to get!

What is the easiest way to build a social following?  If you are reading this, you will realise that you are not alone.  Everyone on social media platform desires to receive a large number of following because such following comes with a lot of prestige and class.  The more people you have, the better placed you are on the social media platform.  But believe you me there are over 100 ways to receive free likes.   The first and most important thing is to only like or follow people with the same interest.

If for one reason or another you follow people blindly, you might find that along the way, you are not comfortable joining their discussion.   Following people on the same industry gives you a better just to discuss the same subject and with time you might become an influencer without knowing.  Once you gain their confidence, you will definitely be able to increase your free likes something you have desired to do all along.   The good thing with following people in your industry is that they understand and value what you do.